Kuthula Rewind is the official local stockist of WEG and EML Electric Motors.  The Company holds critical stock to ensure the fastest possible turnaround time for customers’ repairs and replacements.

Often new motor units can be supplied at a lesser cost and improved warranty, again saving the customer time and money. Through its agency with these suppliers, Kuthula Rewind’s technical staff receive specialist training in the latest motor repair practices which ultimately also translate into improved turnaround times and cost-savings for both Kuthula Rewind and the customer.


Kuthula Rewind is a B-BBEE exempted micro-enterprise classified as having a level four (4) contributor status.   This ensures Kuthula Rewind’s services that are rendered qualify for a B-BBEE recognition level of 100%.


Kuthula Rewind is committed to ensuring that its people work in a safe and healthy environment, both on- and off-site.  

The Company has an appointed Safety Officer responsible for the implementation of the workshop safety practices.

Kuthula Rewind has successfully achieved a 5 star safety rating for Occupational Health and Safety.


Kuthula Rewind’s professionalism is recognised through its membership with the international industry body - The Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT). Through its membership, Kuthula Rewind has access to emerging best practices, advanced technical support, and remains abreast of emerging best-practice technologies and processes – expertise which it in turn passes on to benefit the customer in terms of cost-saving, quicker turnaround times and improved service. Kuthula is also able to offer a professional asset management service for its customers by using condition monitoring techniques on motors. All this ensuring that Kuthula remains at the technical forefront of the Motor-Repair industry.