Our Services


Kuthula Rewind’s core services include a broad range of rewinding, overhauling, bearing changes, fan unit repairs, dynamic balancing, supply of motor spares, new motor sales and various tests (Surge Comparison; Core watt loss Testing, Rotor Bar testing and Condition Monitoring) – to the following:

  • AC & DC Electric Motors
  • Transformers
  • Alternators and generators
  • Vibrating Motors
  • Fan Units

Kuthula Rewind is well equipped and self-sufficient to carry out its proffered scope of work:


Kuthula Rewind operates from its own premises – comprising a 900m2 custom-fitted workshop – conveniently positioned in Alton, in close proximity to several of Richards Bay’s major industries.  The premises is fitted with a 3-ton overhead electric hoist. 


The Company has a reliable fleet of dedicated heavy-duty vehicles – to provide customers with a convenient and speedy collection and delivery service:-

2 x 1-ton pickups

1 x 2-ton drop-side bin truck

1 x 3-ton drop-side bin truck.

Kuthula Rewind's vehicles are permanently dedicated to a 24-7 standby/ breakdown service –  we recognise the urgency of the customer’s breakdown situation – and the potential impact on the customer’s productivity.

Core Testing Unit

Kuthula Rewind has invested heavily in modern testing equipment and all units undergo core-testing to ensure the integrity of the units to the required voltage before rewinding/overhauling.  This service prevents unnecessary repairs on redundant units – translating to a valuable cost-saving for the customer.

Testing Facilities and General Equipment

Kuthula Rewind’s workshop is fully-equipped with modern equipment to carry out its full scope of services:

  • AC Voltage up to 550v AC
  • Risatti Multifunctional 6 Kv H2/CPS Surge Tester with Rotor bar testing
  • High Voltage Pressure Tester (Foster)
  • Growler Testers (Martindale)
  • Core Tester Model 150A (Bad Core Limit Rating)
  • All-Test Pro 31 (Electric Motor Testing Instrument)
  • SKF Microlog Advisor Pro
  • Small and large ovens on rail system with overhead crane and digital recorder
  • Burnout oven on rail system with overhead crane and digital recorder
  • In-house machine shop
  • Small Balancing Machine with commtest vb1000-b
  • New 1 Ton Coetz Advanced Balancing machine

Kuthula Rewind is able to offer comprehensive testing with their Risatti Multifunctional 6 Kv H2/CPS Surge Tester.  These tests include the following:

  • Digital Ohmmeter
  • “Surge” Pulse Test
  • Dielectric Strength Test
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Normalised Pulse Test 1.2/50
  • Die-Cast Rotors Test

Kuthula Rewind with its SKF Microlog Advisor Pro are able to provide superior inspection and maintenance conformance checks.  Kuthula Rewind are able to indicate the quality and / or health of the motor or rotating mechanical device through the automated vibration assessments provided by the Microlog Advisor Pro.   The conformance check also allows for the customers quality and installation personnel to check that their product complies with the predefined quality indicators and that their finished product meets the required industry standards, both at final assembly and after initial installation, if required.

All of the above ensures Kuthula Rewind uses best repair/rewind practices to maintain motor efficiency.